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Superior Results Guaranteed…and Accountability

Whether it’s media, a product, or a service, a company has responsibility to deliver as promised.

Our 20+ years with thousands of successful campaigns for travel’s leading brands, The World’s Greatest Vacations can guarantee results will be superior to other media. And, the results continue to get better with each subsequent season.

Ultra-luxury cruise lines capture hundreds of first-time passenger bookings, larger cruise lines see thousands within the first few weeks of the campaign, and many more thereafter. Tour operators and resorts worldwide frequently need no other media than The World’s Greatest Vacations to accomplish their sales goals.

Accountability along with a passion for assisting; our DNA.

If we can’t achieve what you’re looking for, we’ll tell you. If we say we will and fail, the next season is on us.

Provided are just a few examples representative of the results our partners receive. Additional examples are available; please let us know if you’d like more. Also, see what our partners have to say about their experience with The World’s Greatest Vacations.


Hi Richard, I just have to share…the response to our inclusion in Treasure Chest this fall has really been fan tastic. We definitely surpassed our ROI expectations by closing a good bit of business and are actually still getting inquiries off of it. Additionally, we are now marketing to those that expressed interest and are seeing a good return there as well. Now I see w hy/how you “guaranteed results”! We would really like to partner with some of your cruise lines and be the Call To Action on their inser ts. Look forward to the next mailing. Thanks a million!

Atlantis was guaranteed to have their bookings goal achieved… it was exceeded tenfold.

From being WGV’s first client ever to present, The World’s Greatest Vacations continue to be a key component of our marketing m ix, continuing to deliver high quality leads and excellent conversion rates. Happy to have been a part of this from the beginning and the value add continues to be outstanding.

As you know, eight consecutive mailings…have filled our ships and database with thousands of bookings! Thrilled to see the cir culation continuing to grow.

The result of this last mailing was brilliant. The momentum we’ve built surpassed our highest expectations & was more than double what we’ve ever achieved in the past. We’ve worked together for 13+ years now & your passion for your brand with the support of ours has never wavered.

We’re in our 14th year working with The World’s Greatest Vacations & consistently exceed acquisition goals. Richard Shane is a smart partner with a wealth of market knowledge. His team of experts know what to deliver and make it happen every time.

Before the campaign you thought it might drive 3k to 4k bookings. It was more than that . I hate to give exact numbers until I know for I am very happy with the campaign.

Success Across All Travel Categories

Our careful, limited mix of ONLY premium travel partners for each season means real results.

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Actual results for our partners

25K20K15K10K5KCIRCULATIONOUR CLIENTS SEE TANGIBLE BOOKINGS EVERY SEASONCruise lines, resorts and tour operators see fromseveral hundred to 20,000+ bookings each.MAJOR CRUISE LINE1,100,0001,100,0001,100,000TRAVELSUPPLIERLEADINGRESORT24,40416,5016,472BOOKINGS
CIRCULATIONMAJOR CRUISE LINE1,100,0001,100,0001,100,000TRAVELSUPPLIERLEADINGRESORT24,40416,5016,472OUR CLIENTS SEE TANGIBLE BOOKINGS EVERY SEASONCruise lines, resorts and tour operators see fromseveral hundred to 20,000+ bookings each.25K20K15K10K5KBOOKINGS

Cruise line Case Study

Cruise line participed in Fall Mailing
and received digital impressions
for two months.

  • # Contacts = 1,391,906
  • # Passengers Booked = 24,404
  • % Conversion = 1.75%
  • Acquisition Cost Per Pax = $9

Trusted By Major Brands to Drive Leads And Bookings

Paul Gauguin
Windstar Cruises
Princess Cruises
American Express travel
Disney Cruise Line
The Breakers
Starwood Hotels and Resorts
St Regis
Brendan Vacations
One And Only
Sea Ray

Outstanding Digital Results

The World’s Greatest Vacations Facebook Posts
The World’s Greatest Vacations Facebook Posts
The World’s Greatest Vacations Facebook Posts
The World’s Greatest Vacations Facebook Posts

See More About How Our Multichannel Program Works For You

Did You Know? The World’s Greatest Vacations was founded in 1993 as Treasure Chest. More than 1,000 campaigns have successfully run though WGV. No other media guarantees actual bookings. Founder Richard Shane had 3,000 seizures for 22 years. Direct mail’s response rate in 1993 was 1/2 of one percent. Today, as high as nine percent. Direct mail’s response rate is greater than email. WGV’s experts and strategic advisors are available to tap into as part of the overall model. WGV partners get access to our partner, USNews content. Each season comes with 7+ months of digital media. At 10 cents unit, companies see a far greater response rate than direct mail costing 10x as much. Every year for 28 years, consumers have grown our market penetration. Accountability and passion to assist are our hallmarks. WGV is the deepest market penetration in travel. Billing can take place upon completion of the media hence, self-funding.