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Why is The World’s Greatest Vacations Luxury Travel’s #1 ROI?

Here, we address the 6 Most Frequently Asked Questions:

A. With a track record dating back to 1993, our commitment to success is unwavering. We go the extra mile by matching actual bookings during the campaign’s lifespan to our media database, ensuring results. This can be handled by our partner or trusted third-party data processing company.

A. We redefine the game. While the typical direct mail response rate hovers around 9%, costing roughly $2.00/unit, WGV partners excel at just 10 cents/unit cost and a remarkable 10% response rate. Plus, each sees 1,000,000 weekly digital impressions boost response and conversion rates by an astounding 63%. Beyond the numbers, it’s about trust and credibility—since 1993, high-net-worth consumers have turned to us, trusting that only the finest luxury travel companies are featured within The World’s Greatest Vacations.

A. Three decades ago, the cornerstone of our database was laid by meticulously evaluating and improving upon all available databases of high-net-worth yachters. This powerful database fueled consumer response via mail and phone increasing the size and quality of the proprietary database. It also created insights to allow for meticulous targeting analytics to continue the momentum.

Fast forward to today, our database undergoes daily updates, fueled by an ever-growing roster of consumers signing up through newsletters, our website, and returning response cards each season. Plus, they have the power to expand our network by inviting friends to join the journey. Our advanced analytics ensure we maintain a roster of active vacation travelers, shedding inactive ones and identifying prime new luxury travel candidates.

A. WGV is exclusively reserved for leading travel brands, setting us apart from other media platforms. Ultra-luxury and contemporary brands both see a far superior ROI and being where your competition is safeguards against market share erosion.

A. Our secret? Minimal overhead. We’re obsessed with efficiency and precise targeting to maximize ROI for our exclusive luxury travel partners. The cost is also shared exclusively with luxury travel suppliers, allowing us to maintain this impressive pricing model.

A. It’s not an accident or “luck” that we are in our third decade of growth. The combination of our proprietary database + direct mail’s superior response rate + synched with digital + deep market penetration = we 100% guarantee the results are as great as outlined. Being privately owned, our integrity is paramount. Not only do we guarantee and finance your success…ask us to help whenever there’s a possibility of doing so. We are your partner.