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See how The World’s Greatest Vacations has helped our partners achieve exceptional results. Our clients consistently report high booking rates and a strong return on investment, thanks to our targeted direct mail and digital media campaigns.

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Hugh Riley

Using techniques that cut through today’s clutter Richie Shane’s company has perfected a strategy to deliver your message in ways that excite literally millions of consumers in households that are demographically targeted for you. The results are measurable and they’re effective. If you’re in the travel and tourism business take a look at The World’s Greatest Vacations direct to consumer marketing. This could be the tool you need to make the difference your business needs right now.

John Delaney

One of the biggest challenges for marketers is finding new to brand customers at acceptable acquisition costs. When first presented the conversion rates and cost for World’s Greatest Vacations the numbers seemed too good to be true. The results were fantastic and it works over and over again. I highly recommend this direct marketing platform to any hospitality or travel company.

Cruise Planners, American Express

Hi Richard, I just have to share…the response to our inclusion in Treasure Chest this fall has really been fan tastic. We definitely surpassed our ROI expectations by closing a good bit of business and are actually still getting inquiries off of it. Additionally, we are now marketing to those that expressed interest and are seeing a good return there as well. Now I see w hy/how you “guaranteed results”! We would really like to partner with some of your cruise lines and be the Call To Action on their inser ts. Look forward to the next mailing. Thanks a million!

The Venetian

Before the campaign you thought it might drive 3k to 4k bookings. It was more than that . I hate to give exact numbers until I know for I am very happy with the campaign.


Atlantis was guaranteed to have their bookings goal achieved… it was exceeded tenfold.

Playa Hotels & Resorts

From being WGV’s first client ever to present, The World’s Greatest Vacations continue to be a key component of our marketing m ix, continuing to deliver high quality leads and excellent conversion rates. Happy to have been a part of this from the beginning and the value add continues to be outstanding.


We’re in our 14th year working with The World’s Greatest Vacations & consistently exceed acquisition goals. Richard Shane is a smart partner with a wealth of market knowledge. His team of experts know what to deliver and make it happen every time.

The Breakers

The overall results to date from the current Spring WGV mailing are excellent…record level… strong ROI! You were right…conducting the match back against our reservations booked made total sense to validate this advertising…

Paul Gauguin Cruises

We really value our partnership with The World’s Greatest Vacations. This WGV mailing has been one of our most successful marketing initiatives this past year and has exceeded our expectations.

Princess Cruises

We’ve been using The World’s Greatest Vacations for many years and I have to say that it has transformed the way we acquire new customers. The premium, low cost package provides us an effective way to reach highly targeted vacation travelers. The WGV team is professional, flexible & easy to work with. I’m thrilled to see continued stellar results and regularly recommend The World’s Greatest Vacations.