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Partner Toolkit

You know what’s great about 30 years of experience? There’s a track record of efficacy and “safety” in the form of a guarantee. Plus, our expertise and resources are yours to tap into.

The World’s Greatest Marketing features a partners’ tool kit available to maximize the effectiveness of all aspects that go into driving sales.

While mass media (print, broadcast, outdoor) builds awareness. The World’s Greatest Vacations’ omnichannel platform is turnkey, synchronized, and timed to reach the most targeted vacation travelers seamlessly across multiple channels, saving marketers time and money.

View us as an extension of your marketing department, as partnership is paramount to The World’s Greatest Vacations’ DNA. We like to be helpful. Not only are your results guaranteed to surpass expectations, but as part of the WGV platform, our resources, experts, & all-star strategic advisors are yours to tap into.

Take a look below to see we can do for you as part of the WGV model.

Our toolkit of services including industry all-star Strategic Advisors:

Strategic Planning & Project Management

Brand positioning, trade assistance, leadership and simply brainstorming! go to top ↑

Branding, Graphic Design & Copywriting

Whether on or offline advertising, collateral, logos, our award-winning team is available to assist with quick turnaround, on message, tools. go to top ↑

Web Design, Production, UI/UX Optimization

End-to-end services for cutting edge optimization, architecting your site’s user experience and user interface. go to top ↑

Email Marketing & Automation

Building your baseline communication plan and access to WGV’s deep, targeted database. go to top ↑

Research & Data Analytics

Collecting valuable insights to make smarter. go to top ↑

Social Media Marketing & Influencers

Developing cross-platform social media content strategies and influencers for all travel niches

• Jane Seymour, Actor, @janeseymour
• Luxury World Traveler, @luxuryworldtraveler
• Raquel & Miguel, Travel Influencers, @exploressaurus_
• Kristina Schulman, @kristinaschulman
• Hannah Ann Sluss, @hannahann
• Tal Navarro, Owner of Social Lady, @talnavarro1
• Margaret Gardiner, Former Miss Universe, @margaret_gardiner

go to top ↑

Executive Coaching & Teambuilding

Optimizing performance at all levels via our highly experienced C-suite advisors. go to top ↑

Video Production

Storyboarding, shooting and editing to convey key messages. go to top ↑

CSR/Sustainability Program Design

Planning, measuring and sharing your impact. go to top ↑

Did You Know? The World’s Greatest Vacations was founded in 1993 as Treasure Chest. More than 1,000 campaigns have successfully run though WGV. No other media guarantees actual bookings. Founder Richard Shane had 3,000 seizures for 22 years. Direct mail’s response rate in 1993 was 1/2 of one percent. Today, as high as nine percent. Direct mail’s response rate is greater than email. WGV’s experts and strategic advisors are available to tap into as part of the overall model. WGV partners get access to our partner, USNews content. Each season comes with 7+ months of digital media. At 10 cents unit, companies see a far greater response rate than direct mail costing 10x as much. Every year for 28 years, consumers have grown our market penetration. Accountability and passion to assist are our hallmarks. WGV is the deepest market penetration in travel. Billing can take place upon completion of the media hence, self-funding.